Código fonte para asgard.workers.autoscaler.simple_decision_component

from typing import List

from asgard.conf import settings
from asgard.workers.autoscaler.decision_component_interface import (
from asgard.workers.autoscaler.decision_events import DecisionEvents
from asgard.workers.models.decision import Decision
from asgard.workers.models.scalable_app import ScalableApp
from hollowman.log import logger as default_logger

def _limit_number(number: float, min_value: float, max_value: float) -> float:
    return max(min(number, max_value), min_value)

[documentos]class DecisionComponent(DecisionComponentInterface): def __init__(self, logger=default_logger): self.logger = logger
[documentos] def decide_scaling_actions(self, apps: List[ScalableApp]) -> List[Decision]: decisions = [] for app in apps: if app.app_stats: decision = Decision(app.id) if app.cpu_needs_scaling(): new_cpu = ( app.get_cpu_usage() * app.cpu_allocated ) / app.cpu_threshold new_cpu = _limit_number( new_cpu, app.min_cpu_scale_limit, app.max_cpu_scale_limit, ) if new_cpu != app.cpu_allocated: decision.cpu = new_cpu event = ( DecisionEvents.CPU_SCALE_DOWN if app.cpu_allocated > decision.cpu else DecisionEvents.CPU_SCALE_UP ) self.logger.info( { "appname": app.id, "event": event, "previous_value": app.cpu_allocated, "new_value": decision.cpu, } ) if app.is_set_to_scale_cpu() and decision.cpu is None: self.logger.debug( { "appname": app.id, "event": DecisionEvents.CPU_SCALE_NONE, "reason": "usage within accepted margin", "usage": app.get_cpu_usage(), "threshold": app.cpu_threshold, "accepted_margin": settings.AUTOSCALER_MARGIN_THRESHOLD, } ) if app.mem_needs_scaling(): new_mem = ( app.get_mem_usage() * app.mem_allocated ) / app.mem_threshold new_mem = _limit_number( new_mem, app.min_mem_scale_limit, app.max_mem_scale_limit, ) if new_mem != app.mem_allocated: decision.mem = new_mem event = ( DecisionEvents.MEM_SCALE_DOWN if app.mem_allocated > decision.mem else DecisionEvents.MEM_SCALE_UP ) self.logger.info( { "appname": app.id, "event": event, "previous_value": app.mem_allocated, "new_value": decision.mem, } ) if app.is_set_to_scale_mem() and decision.mem is None: self.logger.debug( { "appname": app.id, "event": DecisionEvents.MEM_SCALE_NONE, "reason": "usage within accepted margin", "usage": app.get_mem_usage(), "threshold": app.mem_threshold, "accepted_margin": settings.AUTOSCALER_MARGIN_THRESHOLD, } ) if decision.mem is not None or decision.cpu is not None: decisions.append(decision) return decisions